Future Project

The Wahid Institute seeks to expand our programs in the near futures. Future program include:

  1. Islam, integrity, and Corruption Erradication. The program is part of commitment to promoting transparent, effective, and accountable government, which is vital to the development of good governance and democracy in Indonesia
  2. Micro-finance loans. This program plays as an effort to improving  access to financial services and expanding livelihood  opportunities for poor households, connecting people to opportunities, and building economic  for the lower-class of the society
  3. Abdurrahman Wahid University. This program aims to provide aids to expand, maintain, and spreads the ideas and values of Gus Dur, which closely related to the development of democracy in Indonesia
  4. University scholarship. This program aims to provide aid for bright, young students, to achieve higher education. It also  aims to  create educated, peace-minded and tolerant  young leader
  5. Youth program. This program aims to involve young leader as agents of change and to expand peace through the dynamic of the youth