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Peace without justice is an illusion - Gus Dur

Creating Prosperity, Fostering Tolerance

In reality, we often encounter numerous acts of violence and discrimination of in the community, at household level as well as national level. This generally occurs in areas where the people have limited access to economy, education, and information which provokes acts of discrimination.


Various advocacy efforts have been made. However, the implemented model of advocacy is typically a reaction to the events that have occurred, for example in the form of mediation efforts. We rarely see advocacy efforts undertaken in the form of prevention and conditioning in order not to create situations that can trigger acts of discrimination. Therefore, it clearly needs more strategic efforts so that these problems can be solved bottom up.


In order to fight for KH Wahid Abdurrrahman's principles and intellectual idealism in creating a prosperous and equitable society, we develop a program that directly affects communities. We would like to overcome intolerance and propensity to commit violence at grassroots level through economic and socio-cultural approach.



  • To help the backward group, the needy, and the poor escape poverty through microcredit program.
    To cultivate an attitude of respect and to reinforce religious tolerance within each group as well as other communities



Prosperous, tolerant and peace-loving society



To empower people at grassroots level, particularly the backward group, the needy, and the poor as well as to provide insight regarding tolerance and peace-loving



Weekly activities

  • Microfinance for Religious and Ethnic Harmony's Weekly activities include couching, financing and savings of a group of mothers in the villages developed by the Wahid Institute.
  • This funding is used by mothers to develop family's small businesses, to start a business, and to finance their children's education.
  • Mothers are encouraged to save their money even in a small amount in order to reduce consumptive attitudes which are increasingly viscous in the society.
  • In the couching session, the beneficiaries are divided into several groups. Through regular interactions, we foster an independent, honest, and peace-loving attitudes, both in their business development process as well as in everyday life.


Bimonthly Activities

To support the skills and knowledge of target groups, Microfinance Program For Religious and Ethnic Harmony performs additional activities such as :

  • Discussions about the importance of families to build financial and social security to be prosperous and self-sufficient families
  • Training in starting and managing small businesses
  • Conditioning and guiding to form a diverse community with members of different ethnic backgrounds, religions and beliefs in order to create mutual respect, tolerance and peace.



This program is designed to include a national scale with emphasis on areas being prone to conflicts and poor villages in Indonesia.

Currently Microfinance For Religious and Ethnic Harmony of The Wahid Institute has been expanding in villages namely Parung (Bogor), Panggulan (Depok), Tasikmalaya, Sukabumi, Bandung, and surrounding areas with hundreds of people as members. Our target next year is to be able to guide 2000 members to accelerate the establishment of prosperous and peace-loving Indonesian society.

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Basting the Economy of Council Taklim Assembly

Within a month, there was accumulated savings of 500 thousand rupiahs. Until August of 2013, Al-Medinan managed amount of capital approximately 6 million rupiahs.

Panggulan As A Tolerance Seedbed

With a passion to expand microfinance program in other areas, on September 1, 2013 The Wahid Institute launched another microfinance in Panggulan, Depok. In contrast to the existing microfinance in Parung district, which is a result of cooperation with Amartha, microfinance in Panggulan is a pilot project of the Wahid Institute in micro-economic empowerment issue

Fostering Togetherness through Economic Empowerment

In less than one semester, microfinance cooperation between the Wahid Institute and Amartha has received positive responses from residents in Parung, Bogor. Currently the microfinance, which was launched on May 31, 2013 has recorded 51 people joining in groups named Cenderawasih, Dolphins, and Carrot.


You can participate in this program in several ways:

  • Program colaboration between institution and/or organization.
  • Donate money as a venture capital, Rp.1 million to finance 1 mother to start a new business so that his family can get out of poverty.
  • Donate money for milk purchase to improve children's nutrition. Rp 65.000 provides milk supply for 1 month.
  • Donate money for a scholarship program for poor children. Rp 100,000 helps to pay one-month tuition fee and Rp 30.000 helps to buy a wide range of school needs.
  • Donate your expertise particularly entrepreneurship skills in a form of training for the community developed by the Wahid Institute.
  • Donate your time to volunteer in our activities.

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