Oct 2013

depok-wahidinstitute.org | With a passion to expand microfinance program in other areas, on September 1, 2013 The Wahid Institute launched another microfinance in Panggulan, Depok. In contrast to the existing microfinance in Parung district, which is a result of cooperation with Amartha, microfinance in Panggulan is a pilot project of the Wahid Institute in micro-economic empowerment issue.


“As we know, the existence of The Wahid Institute is to extend Gus Dur’s ideas of tolerance and religious freedom. According to his belief, it is useless to talk about tolerance and religious freedom if the society is in hunger,” VisnaVulovik, the Program Coordinator mentioned.


Visna further explained that Gus Dur’s pro-people economic vision pays attention to three groups of people that is the Disadvantaged, the Poor and the Needy. This vision has become the principal philosophy of The Wahid Institute’s Microfinance Program. PanggulanVillage, Depok is deliberately chosen because it is noted as the poorest village in Depok.


The team members were independently appointed from Panggulan and the surrounding area. “For the sake of people’s benefit and love and peace, I am very fortunate to get involved and join The Wahid Institute’s Microfinance Team,” said Mr. Aan whose pesantren in ParungPoncol has been used as a coordination meeting and hangout place.


In addition, The Wahid Institute Annual Report explains that the religious issues in Depok and West Java have raised concerns. Minority religious groups such as Christians and Ahmadis often become victims of violence.


It is expected that the presence of microfinance in Panggulan Village, Depok would be able to empower the residents’ economy in order to alleviate poverty. Furthermore, we hope that Pangggulan Village can be a seedbed of tolerance and harmony for the community (VV)

Translated by Utari Widura. Utari  is a volunteer translator for the Wahid Institute and a development enthusiast with experience working for a community-based organization, NGO and donor agency. She is now pursuing her Master in Development Studies at City University of Hong Kong