Nov 2013
Microfinance for Religious and Ethnic Harmony

Within a month, there was accumulated savings of 500 thousand rupiahs. Until August of 2013, Al-Medinan managed amount of capital approximately 6 million rupiahs.

West Java-wahidinstitute.org. Originally, Ai Siti Aisyah doubted that members of Taklim assembly which she leads can be independent economically. We understand if members of the united, then can build a common economy. But what we puzzled, how to begin?, recalled this leader of taklim Al-Madaniah, Cidahu, Sukabumi.

Ai’s doubt started deflated when first met the society’s companion from The Wahid Institute (WI ) to members taklimnya in last March. “They challenged us to immediately manifesting build an institution for common economy.” Explained her.

The way is said Ai, activating the savings of assembly member. These challenges answered the members of Taklim Al-Madaniah. Within a month they can collect savings of Rp.500.000,- Now the result perceived by Al Madaniah. Until August 2013, Al-Madaniah managed about 6 billions rupiahs capital. “It makes us excited. Capital accumulated, we use to joint venture for a cheap rice, a school uniform for children member of the Taklim assembly, and cheap basic needs for last Idul fitri.” said Ai.

Now, Al-Madaniah is arranging a managing training for micro economic institution. “So that we can manage the funds of member wisely and transparent.”

Taklim Assembly (TA) AL Madaniah that located in Cikareo Village, Cidahu is one of adjoin Taklim assembly of WI. There are 7 others adjoin Taklim assemblies in West Java :Miftahul Huda Taklim Assembly, Cijabon, Cijabon, Cicantayan, Sukabumi; In Tasikmalaya, there are Nurul Hidayah TA , Kahuripan Tawang dan An Nissa TA, Sangkali Tamansari; di Kabupaten Garut yaitu Al Fauzi TA, Sukamukti,Cilawu, dan  Al Hikmah TA, Sukawargi, Cisurupan; In Bandung regency, there are AL Hilmi TA, Dayeuhkolot dan Al Ikhlas TA, Rancamanyar, Baleendah.

“Eight Taklim Assemblies in four regencies in West Java be an adjoin of WI for these past two years” Explained Gamal Ferdi, The Officer Programme to Strengthen of People Economy based in Taklim Assembly.

All of those adjoin Taklim assemblies of WI, Said Gamal, feels the big benefit from this programme. The Growing of economic joint venture impacts the incomes of the Taklim assembly’s members. “The mothers want these programmes have impact not only in the world, but also in after life.” Explained him.

Beside strengthen the assemblies’ member in economy field, in the future the members will be trained to actively participate in planning and budgeting in local government.”Also, what become a focus of WI’s aware for these long time is, all of assemble members can promote a religion tolerance.” Said Gamal. (GF/WI)

Translated by Raisha